Jan 22, 2015

Julie Schwartz obituary by Alan Moore

Excerpt from "For Julie Schwartz - obituary by Alan Moore" included in four of the eight tribute issues that DC Comics published in 2004 to celebrate the legendary Julius Schwartz.

[...] A funny, brilliant, endlessly enthusiastic twelve-year-old up in an old man suit, Julie spent his life mining the gold-seam of the future; is too big, then, to be ever truly swallowed by the past. He was a friend, he was an inspiration, was the founder of our dreams. He ruined my reputation as a gentle pacifist by claiming that I'd seized him by the throat and sworn to kill him if he didn't let me write his final episodes of Superman, and how, now, am I supposed to contradict a classic Julius Schwartz yarn? So, all right: it's true. I picked him up and shook him like a British nanny, and I hope whenever he is now, he's satisfied by this shamefaced confession.

Goodnight, Julie. It has been our privilege to have known you.

You were the best.

Alan Moore
Northampton, March 17th, 2004

[The complete text can be read at Neil Gaiman's site: here.]

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