Feb 1, 2015

Dylan Dog meets... Alan Moore!

Art by Daniele Bigliardo.
Below, pages from Dylan Dog N. 341, published this January in Italy by Bonelli Comics, featuring a character with the same physical appearance of... Alan Moore!
In the comics, Moore is Marcus Irvine, a reclusive designer of high tech objects like smart-phones and tablets who works for multimillionaire tycoon and Dylan Dog's new nemesis John Ghost. Irvine lives in an estate that duplicates James Bond's Skyfall and, obviously, uses back magic to create his works.

Dylan Dog N. 341 is written by Roberto Recchioni with art by Angelo Stano and Daniele Bigliardo (who drew the Moore's sequence).

Dylan Dog, created in 1986 by writer Tiziano Sclavi, is one of the best selling Italian comics of all time and a national pop-icon. Wikipedia page: here.
Art by Daniele Bigliardo.