Feb 13, 2015

Providence is arriving!

Art by Jacen Burrows.
The much awaited first issue of Providence, written by Moore with art by Jacen Burrows, will be released by Avatar Press in May 2015. [Source: Bleedingcool]

[UPDATE, 14th of February, thanks to Flavio Pessanha]
The building depicted in the cover is set at 317 W 14th St, New York, NY 10014, USA [Google Maps] and it's related to Cool Air short story.

Lovecraft wrote Cool Air during his unhappy stay in New York City, during which he wrote three horror stories with a New York setting. [...] The building that is the story's main setting is based on a townhouse at 317 West 14th Street where George Kirk, one of Lovecraft's few New York friends, lived briefly in 1925. [Wikipedia]

It's Dr. Muñoz room from Cool Air.
"[...] after a time I came upon a house in West Fourteenth Street which disgusted me much less than the others I had sampled. [...] in my third-floor front hall room [...] One evening at about eight I heard a spattering on the floor and became suddenly aware that I had been smelling the pungent odour of ammonia for some time. Looking about, I saw that the ceiling was wet and dripping; the soaking apparently proceeding from a corner on the side toward the street. [...] Mrs. Herrero disappeared up the staircase to the fourth floor, and I returned to my room. The ammonia ceased to drip, and as I cleaned up what had spilled and opened the window for air, I heard the landlady's heavy footsteps above me. Dr. Muñoz I had never heard, save for certain sounds as of some gasoline-driven mechanism; since his step was soft and gentle." [Excerpt form HP Lovecraft's Cool Air]

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Mike said...

I've been looking forward to this series for a while. Should be a fun ride.