Aug 5, 2015

San Diego 1985: an embarrassing afternoon

From American Comic Book Chronicles Facebook page.

Entry dated 1 August 2015:
"August 1-4, 1985: There were giants in those days. Fifteen years after the San Diego Comic-Con was founded, the legends that shaped the comic book industry mingled with the up-and-comers who were reshaping the present. For many, the highlight of that year’s show was its first annual Kirby Awards, honoring the best of 1984 and named in honor of pioneer and hit-maker Jack Kirby. The beloved comics icon was present to announce each winner, frequently sharing the stage with Alan Moore, whose Swamp Thing—in collaboration with Stephen Bissette and John Totleben—was the overwhelming favorite of the night. In his first—and, as it turned out, only—U.S. convention appearance, Moore was captured on stage alongside Kirby in a famous photograph by Jackie Estrada.

Sponsored and promoted by Fantagraphics’ Amazing Heroes, the nominees were chosen strictly by people already in the industry. Of the 238 ballots that determined the winners, 98 came from comic book creators, editors, and publishers while 140 comics retailers and distributor personnel accounted for the rest. Regrettably, the Kirby Awards were discontinued after the 1987 ceremony when a dispute over ownership of the awards resulted in two new awards: the Eisners (named after Will Eisner and overseen by former Kirby Awards manager Dave Olbrich) and the Harveys (named after Harvey Kurtzman and overseen by Fantagraphics)."

Moore won as "Best Writer". While accepting the award he said: "This is probably one of the most embarrassing afternoons of my life." [from The Comics Buyer’s Guide N. 615].
From The Comics Buyer’s Guide N. 615.
Alan Moore and his first wife Phyllis in a photograph from The Comics Buyer’s Guide N. 616.

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