Aug 12, 2015

Warchild and... Farmageddon!

Above, an advertisement, dated 1995, promoting a Warchild miniseries (for Rob Liefeld's Maximum Press company) which was never published.

An interview - posted on OC Weekly which is not available any more on the Web - revealed some details:

Liefeld goes on to describe a comic book pitched to him by Moore that he still owns the rights to, entitled Warchild. Written shortly after Moore saw Pulp Fiction for the first time, it's a knights-of-the-round-table concept set in a Tarantino-esque inner city gangland setting.
"I have him on tape for 4 hours just talking about it; it’s my most cherished possession.
You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Alan describe the heroes – this is in the near future – getting trapped in an amusement park in Compton, where one of the rides you go on is a drive-by shooting.
A couple of the artists I gave it to handed it back. The first ten pages is some of the most difficult, visually, it’s hard to crack. We’ll probably publish it in script form. I can’t crack this, life’s too short.
There’s standing atop a building, looking in through the window at a certain angle, while the person is sitting doing their hair looking at themselves in the mirror...and the panel descriptions, you go, how do I shoot this? I could shoot it with a camera, but like all the storyboards? It’s just very difficult."

More information about Moore's unpublished works can be read here.

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Mike said...

Man, would I love to read those scripts!