Jun 4, 2016

Jerusalem audiobook by Simon Vance

Award-winning audiobook narrator and actor  SIMON VANCE is working on Jerusalem audiobook. So in the past days he flew to Northampton to meet Alan Moore and talk with him about the book and all its secrets.

Vance also posted some videos about his Northampton's journey on his Vimeo channel:

Simon Vance's Facebook page here

Personally I can't wait to read the book and... listen to the audiobook too!


Bryant Burnette said...

I wish Moore himself would read the audiobook. Or, better yet, record one for "Voice of the Fire." I'd be all over that.

Ralph Mathieu said...

Any word on whether the audiobook will come out at the same time?

Boy Hunter said...

Book five chapter 2 is U understandable on audible... I am going to have to give up as it's driving me crazy, I can imagine if it was in writing I would be able to read what he's trying to say, but being read by someone so quickly makes it ridiculous jibberish!! Arrrrgggghhh!!!