Jun 15, 2016

Supreme letterer Todd Klein

Todd Klein - Supreme N. 56 page 24: lettering by Todd Klein.
Above and below, some examples of the fantastic lettering created by TODD KLEIN for Alan Moore's Supreme run.
Award-winning Todd Klein is unanimously considered one of the best letterers in comics history.
Todd Klein - Supreme N. 56 page 24: lettering by Todd Klein.
The pictures shown here are from Kristof Spaey's CAF page
"I really wanted some samples of Todd Klein's hand lettering. He's one of my favorite letterers in comics. [...] Todd still had a small batch of Supreme lettering overlays in his archive and I picked them all up. Great fun to be able to study them up close. Alan Moore's run on Supreme was phenomenal. Serving as an homage to the golden age and Superman specifically but works also as a commentary on the comics medium in general."
More Supreme lettering overlays by Todd Klein are available there.

More about Klein's work on Supreme: here.
Supreme N. 56 page 24 published page. Art by Chris Sprouse.

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  1. His lettering on Supreme was amazing, especially when you consider all the retro lettering he was asked to do, as well.