Jan 3, 2021

In Pictopia 2021

This April, Fantagraphics will reprint In Pictopia (without the exclamation mark), a fundamental short story written by Moore and originally published in 1986 on Anything Goes! n.2. Per Moore request his name will not be mentioned in the book.
In Pictopia is the legendary comic created in 1986, written by the era’s most adventurous mainstream comics writer and drawn by a bevy of indie cartoonists—helmed by Don Simpson, with Mike Kazaleh, Pete Poplaski, and Eric Vincent. Presented here for the first time, scanned from the original line art and full-color painted boards, in an appropriately oversized format. Pictopia is the allegorical city inhabited by old, forgotten, but once famous and iconic comics characters, now considered pitiable has-beens by the popular new comics characters who are cheerfully and inevitably taking their places in the pop culture pantheon of celebrity. It is both a paean to timeless, beloved comics characters and a scathing critique of the then-contemporary comics sub-culture.
Extra info about the story: HERE!

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