Mar 11, 2021

Voice of the Fire: 25th Anniversary Edition

Art by John Coulthart.
Alan Moore's first prose novel, Voice of the Fire, is getting a 25th anniversary edition. It will be out in May, co-published by Top Shelf Productions in the United States and Knockabout in Britain, with a stunning new cover by John Coulthart (see above and below).
John Coulthart: [...] I liked the original cover but felt it made the novel seem too much like something by Henry Treece or Alan Garner, with no indication of more recent history. A stained-glass window seemed like a good solution to the problem of how to bring together so many disparate elements into a single design. Stained-glass windows are often things from the distant past still visible in the present day, and they have the additional convenience of being a single container for many small pictorial details.
My design doesn’t attempt to illustrate all the characters or events from the novel but shows the more salient moments together with smaller details, some of which (the noose, for example) appear in multiple chapters.
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More info HERE too.

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