Jul 12, 2021

Big Numbers, reality and fiction

Excerpt from an interview about Big Numbers published in 1990 on Deadline n.17.
Alan Moore: "[...] On one level Big Numbers is trying to make comics' fans realise that they don't have to be bitten by a radioactive spider or born with a mutant X gene to be interesting, that everybody around them is much more interesting than any superhuman.
Superheroes are very flat characters who demand simple motivations, driven psychotic vigilantes can only have two dimensions, they are not as interesting as the person you'd meet at the bus stop. I've always been against the idea of escapism even when I was doing things like Swamp Thing
Now I'm asking - why have the superhero in the first place? Why not just talk directly? And that's where I am now. I've gone completely off fantasy and science fiction. I've got to the stage where the real world seems so fabulous and fascinating and intricate and marvellous, that it almost seems an insult to reality to invent anything."

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