Aug 2, 2021

On Tim Burton, Gotham and two pints of lager

Excerpt from an interview published in Uncut n. 40, September 2000.
Much as he tried to ignore it, Hollywood kept plucking at Moore's coat sleeves. When DC sold the film rights to Watchmen, Terry Gilliam was hired to direct - until, after a meeting with Moore, he rightly concluded that it couldn't be done. Not quite getting the message, when DC sold the rights to
Batman they came to Moore for advice on that, too.
"I was introduced to Tim Burton," recalls Moore. "He bought me one of those big two-pint schooners of lager. I liked it because of the size, it gave me a kind of Norse god sensation. He asked me how I would handle the filming of Batman. I told him the most important thing to get right was the city, to make it a strange collage of different architectural styles. He listened very attentively; he went away and made Batman and I got my two pints of lager."

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