Nov 16, 2012

Alan Moore loves Jack "THE KING" Kirby

Cover of Supreme The Return N. 6, titled "New Jack City".
Probably one of the more positive things that happened to you when you came to the States was that you were able to meet Jack Kirby in person. What type of an impression did you get? What did he say to you?
ALAN: It was very brief. It was a bit of a tense time because it was during that panel where we were talking about getting Kirby's artwork back from Marvel. So I met Jack very briefly before or after that panel, but all I remember was that aura he had around him. This sort of walnut colored little guy with a shackle of white hair and these craggy Kirby drawn features. This sort of stockiness. I just remember him chatting with me and Frank Miller and he was saying in this kind of raspy voice, "You kids, I think you're great. You kids, what you've done is terrific. I really want to thank you." It was almost embarrassing to have Jack Kirby thanking me. I just assured him that it was me who should be thanking him, sort of because he had done so much to contribute to my career. He had a glow around him, Jack Kirby. He was somebody very, very special.

Excerpt from an inteview conduced by George Khoury published in 2000 on The Jack Kirby Collector #30. The interview can be read on TwoMorrows' website HERE.
Moore and Kirby. Photo by Jackie Estrada.

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