Nov 1, 2012

The Italian Leaguers: the Keep Calm Box

Some months ago I wrote about the announcement - by Bao Publishing - of the Italian collected edition of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century. The book has just hit the shelves in these days. But... they also produced a special edition, limited to only 200 pieces, to be premiered (right... now!) during Lucca Comics & Games Convention and available for purchasing at their site (labeled as a "pandimensional artifact").
It includes: an illustrated box case, a copy of Century featuring a special vellum paper book jacket marked with a red sealing wax "LSG" tag (Lega degli Straordinari Gentlemen is the Italian for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), one print of the LSG game, one die and one numbered print featuring Bao's mascot (a French bulldog) drawn and signed by Kevin O'Neill.
What about the price? Just 90 euros for this Italian treasure!
If you are interested just email to:

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