Nov 30, 2012

Kevin O'Neill talks about The League and Moore

Art by Kevin O'Neill. Text by Alan Moore. From Century: 2009.
"We've been friends since the 1970s I guess, I've known Alan a long time. The way we work is much more casual now, at the beginning Alan had a synopsis and an outline for the first series and he sent it to me. And the story we were just about the start grew out of the conversations on a period I would have liked to draw, or characters we would have liked to do. Sometimes I mention things to him, like the Golliwog that is in 'Black Dossier', a black character, and it came out of a casual conversation years earlier. We just found this character very interesting, it's a racist image nowadays in Britain, a racial stereotype. Originally though it was a hugely popular Victorian children's character. We had this black character but he wasn't meant to be a black man, so we brought the character back and treated him the way he used to be treated, an heroic character. That was interesting, and the great thing about it is that we could jump into any type of story we wanted to do, using the characters that we thought of, and that's satisfying." [Kevin O'Neill]

Excerpt from an interview published on Italian website Comicus
Interview originally conducted during Lucca Comics & Games 2012.
The complete version can be read HERE.

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