May 23, 2013

AM Portrait: Oscar Zarate's Memories and Quarrels

Art by Oscar Zarate.
From the sold-out volume Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman (published in 2003 by Abiogenesis Press), pp. 181-183.

In the following you can read (click on the image to enlarge) a 3 page comics short - titled Memories and Quarrels - written and drawn by acclaimed Argentinian author OSCAR ZARATE, the artist and co-creator with Moore of the wonderful A Small Killing, originally published in 1991 by VG Graphics.
It's a personal and funny tale with... a "little creep" guest appearance. And I confess it is one of my favourite contributions included in the book. So... enjoy!

Posted on this blog with the author's permission.
Memories and Quarrels. Story and art by Oscar Zarate.

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