May 19, 2013

Eric Shanower and his Little Margie

Art by Eric Shanower
From page 29 of the sold-out Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman (Abiogenesis Press, 2003).

Above, you can admire a great illustration by acclaimed author ERIC SHANOWER, featuring Little Margie, Promethea and their companion Chinky.

The illustration has been posted on this blog with the author's permission.
For more info about Shanower visit his site: here.


Liz said...

Looks like Glinda the Good Witch from Oz to me!! Can't that Alan Moore create instead of copying?!?

smoky man said...

Little Margie was a clear homage to Little Nemo, especially in this strip ( If you are saying that Promethea is a "copy" of Glinda I think... you are on a wrong path. By the way, here the expert about Oz is Mr. Shanower. :)