May 4, 2013

The demographics of Alan Moore's readership

A video realized by Heri Mkocha during the recent Nemo: Heart Of Ice signing by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill at Gosh! Comics in London the last 9th of March.

"For me the main discussion point of this video, and I only realized when I got to look at the footage, was the demographics of Alan Moore's readership. 
His demographics and practically anyone else writing out there. It's so wide.
Look at the kinds of people in the video (that's just a snapshot)! 

I've been to other signings of other artists, writers and musicians. They all have a niche, but there were people there who I soon realised that the only thing they read was Alan's work in the comics field as well as the general comics fans. There were old people,middle aged people, and young people who would not have been born for the majority of his work. 
Which means he must be getting continually re-discovered, a bit like Pink Floyd or Hendrix, he's a multi generation spanning artist who's done serious things like Vendetta and fun accessible things  like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 

Also the video dispels the myth of Alan Moore being grumpy and doesn't like people. He loves his readership and a lot of people left happy." [Heri Mkocha]

A special thank to Heri for sharing the video and his comments.

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