Sep 9, 2015

Alan Moore, Sax Rohmer and Dr Fu Manchu

Lord of Strange Deaths published by Strange Attractor Press.
Strange Attractor Press is publishing Lord of Strange Deaths, a book dedicated to English novelist Sax Rohmer, creator of the master criminal Dr Fu Manchu (who played a key role in the first adventure of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).   

"This is the first extended attempt to do justice to Rohmer, and it ranges across the spectrum of his output from music-hall writing to Theosophy. Contributors focus on subjects including Egyptology, 1890s decadence, Edwardian super-villains, graphic novels, cinema, the French Situationists, Chinese dragon ladies, and the Arabian Nights. The result is a testimony to the enduring fascination and relevance of Rohmer’s absurd, sinister and immensely atmospheric world.

 The book, printed 500 copies, is only via Strange Attractor Press from 21 September: here.

Alan Moore contribution is titled Limehouse Variations and details the thinking behind the inclusion of Dr Fu Manchu in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 
Also a colour plate from League drawn by Kevin O'Neill is included in the volume.

Art by Kevin O'Neill.

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