Sep 4, 2015

S. T. Joshi and Alan Moore

I am Providence by S. T. Joshi.
Excerpt from S. T. Joshi's blog, dated September, 1, 2015.
S. T. Joshi, is an Indian American literary critic, novelist, and a leading figure in the study of H. P. Lovecraft. He is the author of the fundamental H. P. Lovecraft: A Life biography.

"[...] a colleague of the great comic artist Alan Moore asked me to give him a call, since he (Moore) doesn’t have e-mail or even a computer. I was happy to make the call to England, and spent some 30 or 40 minutes in an engaging talk with Moore, who flatteringly holds my work in high regard. He promises to have his publisher send me copies of his ongoing Providence graphic novel, which looks like a most tempting item." [S. T. Joshi]

From more info and news about S. T. Joshi visit his site: here.


Bryant Burnette said...

I've been slowly reading my way through a complete-fiction-of-Lovecraft omnibus while "Providence" is coming out. Great stuff; I'd read a few of his stories before, but there are plenty others I'd never even heard of.

I want to read Joshi's bio, too; it sounds terrific.

Mike said...

I, too, have been working my way through a lot of Lovecraft's stories to prepare. There's also a site out there that tells you what stories you should read before reading each issue of Providence.