Sep 15, 2015

The Show: "doing it our way again"

"[...] Next stop.....THE SHOW! Alan's screenplay is now in the hands of our trusted fellow Orphan, David Crabtree. David has been the most supportive first AD that any director can have. He is now in the process of producing our shooting schedule, the plan being to start shooting the feature next summer. We have had so many serious offers of big cash from Networks, both terrestrial and digital, the issue being that they all seem to require more jeopardy and want to get Alan to re write things to fit their vision! Hmm, lets think about. So, we are doing it our way again. More money doesn't mean better but it can mean less imagination." [Orphans of the Storm]

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Bryant Burnette said...

I didn't get a signed edition, but my copy came in the mail a few days ago. Very cool!