Feb 28, 2016

1984: Alan Moore about V for Vendetta

Warrion N. 19 (Quality Communications).
Excerpts from an interview published in ZigZag June 1984 issue, conducted by Ian Blake.

"The strip's about a lot of things" he explains: "England, women, fascism, anarchy, personal choice and responsibility, culture, sex, computers, religion... If I had to boil it down to a single statement, it‘s about the fundamental issue of whether we should be governed or not. This, to me, is the only political question worth considering even for an instant.
Please understand that I'm not yet so drug-addled or enthused by my own intellect as to suggest that we're going to reach a solution, or anything like a solution. All I want to do is present the questions as I see them in as interesting a light as possible."

[...] There are even plans afoot to adapt it for television, though as Moore says, "By the time it reaches the screen, 1998 will have come and gone, and people will no doubt view it as a touching and naive example of pre-holocaust optimism.
"Other than that." he adds. "we're in touch with someone who's doing a video presentation of the strip as part of a film school final exam. There‘s also a remote possibility that the whole thing might be turned into a ballet, too. After that I figure on doing it as a set of bubble-gum cards and possibly a novelty sun-visor, but this is all just speculation."

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