Feb 2, 2016

Cinema Purgatorio

Art by Kevin O'Neill.
CINEMA PURGATORIO, is an horror anthology comic book - published by Avatar Press - including new work by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill and others such as Garth Ennis, Max Brooks, Christos Gage and more.

The anthology is currently being funded on Kickstarter (the campaign will end the 17th of February): here

In his introduction Moore writes: "[...] CINEMA PURGATORIO is an unholy resurrection of the backstreet bug-hutches and fleapits practicing their eerie silver mesmerism on our post-war predecessors, drenched in atmosphere and other less identifiable decoctions. The threadbare arenas to a generation’s adolescent fumblings and upholstery-slashing rage alike, these peeling Deco temples were the haunted, flickering spaces where were bred the dreads and the desires of those Macmillan days; Eisenhower nights. Varnished with blood and Brylcreem, in our razor-collared cutting edge collection we restore the broken-bulb emporiums where, in the creaking backseats, modern terror and monstrosity were shamelessly conceived. In our worn aisles and glossy pages the most individual and inventive talents in contemporary comics are delivering a landmark midnight matinee in monochrome, intent on pushing both the genre and the medium beyond their stagnant formulas and into shapes that suit the unique shadows and disquiets of our present moment. [...]"

Moore is also the main actor in the fantastic video that promotes the project!


Bryant Burnette said...

Well, there went a bit of my money.

smoky man said...

Bryant, I suspect you are not... alone! :)

Mike said...

What a great kickstarter film. I really hope Alan and Mitch get to do The Show somewhere.