Feb 3, 2016

Rorschach by Gary Erskine

Art by Gary Erskine.
Above a great Rorschach's commission by Gary Erskine, posted on his Twitter account the 31th of January.


ChanneZeroX said...

Smoky Man, is there not a little cognitive dissonance on your part in continually publishing artworks, commissioned or otherwise, of characters Moore has completely distanced himself from? It's true that many people want to see such reiterations regardless- but how about sourcing artwork and stories that would be more in keeping with what the great man would most like to see in a blog dedicated to his work? I don't want to presume and I do enjoy this site a great deal, but I think it's time to put the Rorschach portraits and ABC ensemble sketches to bed, if only for the reason that rather than helping to promote Moore, they lend compurgation to companies that know full way that he no longer wants to be associated with them. There are fields of art, magic, science, literature that are ripe to be mined and brought attention to that Moore may or may not approve of, but at least such efforts would be more in keeping with the spirit of a man far past superheroes. In regard to the latter, he never says never, but come on- let's see what the leading blog about the man can really do to honour him.

smoky man said...

Thank you for your visit and for your suggestion. But as a wise man said "I do my thing and you do your thing." :)

ChanneZeroX said...

I have no problem at all with you doing your thing, smoky man, and am glad you, otherwise I wouldn't visit here, but I wonder if you could spare the time to give me your thoughts on what I said? If not, no worries.