Mar 23, 2015

Jacen Burrows on Providence

Page from Providence N. 1.Art by Jacen Burrows.
Excerpt from an interview to Providence's artist Jacen Burrows. Interview conducted by Hannah Means Shannon for BleedingCool.

HMS: For Providence, you get to draw monsters, you get to draw people, you get to draw people who are monsters. What do you think is viscerally scary for comic readers, and what are some of your strategies for affecting readers in such a way?
[...] The hope being that when the horrific things happen or when our lead character stumbles into the darker corners of the Lovecraftian world that they will be all the more horrific in contrast. Robert Black doesn’t live in a shady nightmare world; he lives in our world, which sometimes intersects with things that will horrify him down to his bones. There are definitely some opportunities to design and show some really scary stuff, but I think it is the contrast with the recognizable but still somewhat alien 1919 setting that amplifies the creepiness.


HMS: What do you think of being the first artist to visually harmonize the majority of Lovecraft’s stories into a single universe?
JB: This is really Alan’s accomplishment. I know what it took for him to bring it all together and from the beginning my goal was just to deliver his vision as accurately as I could. As long as he is happy, I am happy. I’m sure once it is complete I will be able to appreciate the whole thing in more of an academic light as an enthusiastic Lovecraft fan.

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Mike said...

I didn't think I could get more excited for Providence, but this did it.