Mar 12, 2015

Moore on Strangehaven

From Strangehaven N. 14 (Abiogenesis, 2002) back cover:

A darkly glittering example of the soap opera noir, Gary Spencer Millidge’s Strangehaven is an occasionally-opening portal into a beautifully realised otherworld, a plane all the more intriguing and sinister for its resemblance to our own mundane territories.
Perfectly controlled and naturalistic storytelling creates a wraparound illusion of the everyday in which surreal and threatening incidents are studded like unnerving little jewels.
Gary Millidge is a consummate craftsman, a watchmaker patiently constructing his own unique universe.
For a passport to a planet of unsettling delights that writhe beneath the surface of the ordinary, I strongly recommend that you attempt to be there when the portal next opens. [Alan Moore]

Strangehaven is the cult-series written and drawn by Gary Spencer Millidge.
The new episodes are currently serialized in Meanwhile... anthology published by Soaring Penguin Press.

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