Mar 6, 2015

Moore's ultimate Lovecraft story

Cover for Providence N.1 (Avatar Press) by Jacen Burrows.
Excerpt from an interview published on BleedingCool.

Alan Moore: I think that with [Providence], at least for my purposes, I have created what is “my” ultimate Lovecraft story. It’s a repurposing of the Lovecraft pastiche to make it a vehicle that tells us more about Lovecraft and his world rather than simply extending the roll call of unpronounceable gods. And rather than regurgitating tropes that were brand new and exciting back in the 1920’s, I wanted to create stories that were true to the essence of Lovecraft, but were as shocking and unprecedented as Lovecraft’s stories were when they first started to appear in small circulation fanzines and in the pages of Weird Tales.

The complete interview can be read here.


Tom Ferguson said...

Thank you for this Alan Moore blog! I sincerely appreciate it. I am very much looking forward to reading Providence.

smoky man said...

Thank you for the visit and the kind words.