Mar 21, 2015

New Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill creation!

Alan Moore Mustard interview.
Moore caricature by Andrew Waugh.
Excerpt from an interview conducted by Alex Musson in 2014, 2009 and 2005 (with Andrew O'Neill) for Mustard, available online here.

Alan Moore: Kevin [O'Neill] and I have been working on League for a long time. I've had other projects, but Kevin's been living solely with Mina Harker for 15 years – although there are worse fates! (laughs) So we wanted a bit of a palette cleanser. We're working on something else, something very different from League, which explores quite a few things we're interested in. It's quite experimental and modernist. I don't want to say more yet. You should be hearing more about it by middle of 2015.

The complete interview can be read here.


Mike said...

That sounds intriguing. Any idea what it's about?

smoky man said...

Nope, Mike. But I am sure we'll find out soon. ;)